Cirulli oil mill

extra virgin olive oil producer since 70 years

The Cirulli oil mill is currently a S.n.c formed in 2014, to make the purpose of developing the business activity at an industrial level.

The company’s activity is the pressing of olives, storage and packaging of extra virgin olive oil. The oil mill Cirulli has been operating in the sector for around 70 years, when farmer Nicola Cirulli, following his instinct and sensing his own organizational skills, in the 1950 he started his activity to produce extra virgin olive oil from the Coratina variety in Andria, in region of Apulia.

Giuseppe Cirulli son of Nicola Cirulli continues the activity of the oil mill, helped by…

We are committed to producing precious oils that enrich the taste and soul. Giuseppe Cirulli

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for the earth...

The passion in the work and the care of the products are characteristic of the Cirulli Family. From the early twentieth century the Cirulli Family cultivates an ancient art with passion and tradition: the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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