Coratina Olive Tree

For their ability to adapt, the Coratina olive trees are a great choice for cultivation as they are able, without major problems, to grow in various soils, event if the soils are full of stones or with high concentration of limestone. The trees are of medium size, yet with rather broad trunks, with short branches and can root without any complications or problems, which is actually the major component to their ability to adapt.

Besides, amongst other qualities, they are truly resistant to adverse climatic conditions and to many diseases, which makes them perfect for an eco-farm, where no chemical substances are used to fight against parasites and various pathologies.


In terms of productivity, the plant variety is distinguished by its early crop and ability to fructify in the first year of lifespan. Yet, it has one drawback, i.e. yield inconsistency depending on the maturity stage during the cycle.

Maturity is much later than of other olive tree varieties; in fact, the crops are ready to be collected between November and January. Oil yield is quite high, therefore Coratina is one of the varieties much appreciated by farmers.


Currently, even using the most advanced technology, the taste, naturalness and quality of virgin olive oil produced by the Cirulli olive plant have not diminished a bit, due to the fact that innovativeness provided the possibility of accelerating certain stages of the production cycle and of producing more premium quality virgin olive oil.

To obtain the premium quality oil, starting with growing olive trees and ending with the production of premium quality virgin olive oil, it is necessary to observe an almost exact ritual procedure for each stage of production. In fact, the advantage of the oil produced in theCirulli plantis not only about the valuable olive tree variety, which the oil is made of. To a large extent, care and passion of father Cirulli and his sons, Nicola and Raffaele, make a great contribution to the enhancement of the production cycle, due to which you may enjoy natural and genuine products on your table.

The time for harvesting is no earlier than the fruit begins to change the colour, which is the main precondition for product quality ensuring low acidity and excellent aroma. Having collected the olives, they are processed into oil within 12-24 hours, thus maintaining low acidity and ensuring all range of flavour and freshness of our premium quality virgin extra oil.